art. 13

articulation offices.


Board of Auditors

General Direction
Director f.f. Dr. Gaetano Annese

Board of Directors


Administrative Management
Director Dr.  Giordano Raffaele






Inspection Team

Healthcare Management
Director f.f. Dr. Giovanni Santarsia

The Direction of Human Resources Management and Development

Preventing Corruption

Forensic Medicine and Management of Clinical Risk

Economic and Financial Direction


Quality,Accreditation and Health and Social Service Professions

Technical Activities and Asset Management Direction

General Management and Legal Affairs


Director’s Office and Supply Office

Company Informational System


Hospital Administrative Management Activities DEA I level

U.R.P. - Communication – Press Office - Privacy 


Hospital Administrative Management Activities PSA

Planning and Business Management
Strategic Control Center


Direction District Administrative Activities

Training E.C.M. and Apprenticeships


Balance Management

Administrative Compliance Management Hospital Healthcare Directions



Assistential Departments

Inter-Company Departments

Multidisciplinary Medical Department

Department of Mental Health Services

Interdepartment Children’s Neuropsychiatry

Multidiciplinary Surgical Department

Department Integration Hospital-Territory 

Interdepartment of Reumatology

Department Emergency Reception

Department Prevention Human Health

Interdepartment of Ophthalmology

Department Diagnostic and Support Services

Department of Animal Health Prevention

Interdepartment of Orthopedics and Traumatology

Department Mother and Child



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