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We Present Ourselves | Organizational and Structural Articulation - Azienda Sanitaria locale di Matera

Organizational Articulation


The basic articulation of the Company is based on an organizational structure that is designed to ensure the satisfaction of the health needs in the field of:

  • Collective Healthcare in Life and Working Environment
  • Support District
  • Hospital care


Organizational Set-Up

The Territorial Function of the ASL of Matera is ensured by the following Macro-Structures:

  • Hospital Health Departments
  • Territorial Health Departments
  • Departments Prevention
  • Administrative Department
  • Districts of Health
  • n. 1 RSA with 64 beds at the district hospital of Tricarico managed in agreement with the Foundation Don Gnocchi
  • n. 1 RSSA
  • n. 1 Hospice with 8 beds at the district hospital of Stigliano
  • n. 19 external accredited centers
  • n. 14 designated stations 118
  • n. 33 Continuity Care Stations
  • n. 174 Doctors General Medicine
  • n. 23 Pediatrician of Free Choice
  • n. 146 Doctors of Care Continuity
  • n. 1 Seat of Helicopter Rescue
  • n. 60 Pharmacies operating within the National Health Service
  • n. 2 Mental Health Centres
  • n. 3 Daycare Centres
  • n. 11 Lodging Houses /Groups Apartment
  • n. 1 Residence for Enforcement of Security Measures
  • n. 7 Counseling
  • n. 21 Headquarter Districts/Outpatients
  • n. 2 Health care Point
  • n. 2 Ser.D.
  • n. 1 Center of Neuro Pediatric Rehabilitation


Each Operating Unit coincides with a Center of Responsibility and can correspond to one or more Cost Centers.

In 2011 and until today,as a result of specific competition proceedings,have been conferred the tasks relating to the Responsibility Centers listed above.


Basic Structural Set-Up

The local Healthcare of Matera identifies the following basic structural setting:


  • Hospitals
  • Districts of Health
  • Hospital,Territorial and Mixed Departments
  • Administrative Department


Hospitals,Departments and Districts are Macro-Structures governed by functional or structural directions that coordinate Complex Structures,Simple Structures at Departimental valence,Simple Structures included in Complex Structures and Professional Assignments.

In the articulation of organizational model it is adopted the principle of avoiding duplication of similar structures,the overlapping of functions and the creation of departments with a single Complex Operating Units.

The internal articulation of the basic structures listed above is entrusted with the adoption of appropriate internal regulations.


Hospital Care Structural Set-Up

The Hospital Care Company,as required by regional planning,is divided into:

  • Hospital Acute Care "Madonna delle Grazie" Matera
  • Hospital Acute Care "Giovanni Paolo II" Policoro
  • District Hospitals


The Local Healthcare Company of  Matera is entrusted according a functional model of integrated network through the following  structural set-up:

  • Hospital Acute Care "Madonna delle Grazie" Matera with 372 beds (300 ordinary, 72 DH, 6 OBI)
  • Hospital Acute Care "Giovanni Paolo II" Policoro with 114 beds (92 ordinary, 18 DH, 4 OBI)


For a total of 486 beds.

  • District Hospital of:
  1. Stigliano with 39 beds
  2. Tinchi
  3. Tricarico with 30 beds

For a total of 69 beds.

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