We Present Ourselves - Azienda Sanitaria locale di Matera

We Present Ourselves - Azienda Sanitaria locale di Matera

Connected to Build the Well-being of our Communities


ASM,the Local Healthcare Company of Matera,was born on 1st January 2009 from the fusion of the ex ASL n.4 of Matera and the ex ASL n.5 of Montalbano Jonico;it acts on the extensive territory 3.446 Kmq coinciding with the province of Matera,with a total population of 200.597 inhabitants,distributed in 31 municipalities.

The territorial structure of our Healthcare Company is marked by a very low density of population,whose demographic trend is characterized by the progressive aging of the population,greatly conditioning the health dynamics with the welfare demand  especially with reference on supply that the Company must ensure to the user.

We are a lovely family.We have in the head the centrality of the citizen considered in its uniqueness and holder of the inviolable right to health enshrined in Art. 32 of the Italian Constitution.

Among us the presence of women is strong.We are 2.304 employees, 1.007 men and 1.297 women, of which 413 Medical Directors, 944 Nursing Staff, 203 Medical Social Workers.

Our Company,included in the Health Service of the Basilicata Region,performs functions of analysis of health needs and the demand for health services that meets both through the direct provision services for the prevention,diagnosis,treatment and rehabilitation,making use of both entities accredited with the Company,according to the principles of appropriateness provided by the current regulations in economic compatibility arising from the regional financing system.

Our network of healthcare supply is divided into care facilities ,with different functional destinations,located in 31 municipalities constituted  the province of Matera.In particular the supply facilities in the area are the two acute hospitals of Matera and Policoro, "Madonna delle Grazie"and "Giovanni Paolo II" and 3 territorial healthcares of Tinchi,Tricarico and Stigliano,"A. Lo Dico","Rocco Mazzarone" and "Salvatore Peragine",the district headquarters disbursing territorial assistance and 118 stations.

The organizational set-up by the new Company Act , allows the Company to significantly reduce its costs.

Our attention is always oriented to the satisfaction of the citizen and to the strengthening of the quality of provided services.

The action of the ASM is completely concentrated in favor of the preservation and promotion of the person and the environment in which it operates.We are convinced that only through continuous training, updating , the rigor and dedication in work ,it promotes the quality and builds an excellent system that,together,can help to reinvigorate the social well-being to build a healthier community.


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