We listen to you - Azienda Sanitaria locale di Matera

We listen to you - Azienda Sanitaria locale di Matera

Simple Departmental Operative Unit "Communication - U.R.P. – Press Office - Privacy"
Headquarter ASM -  Matera


Facility Manager

Director Dr. Maria Malvasi



1st Floor

Headquarter ASM Via Montescaglioso - Matera








Who we are


Name and Surname

Responsible – Director Sociologist

Dr. Maria Malvasi

Referent Healthcare - Matera

Ms. Immacolata Grieco

Referent Healthcare - Policoro

Ms. Lucia Montesano

Referent District Hospital  - C.da Tinchi

Ms. Francesca Picciani

Referent Headquarter Montalbano J.co

Ms.Concetta Maiellaro








Healthcare - Matera

Ms.Immacolata  Grieco      



Headquarters Montalbano

Ms. Concetta Maiellaro



Healthcare - Policoro

Ms. Lucia Montesano



District Hospital - C.da Tinchi

Ms. Francesca Picciani



Opening times of the service:

  • From Monday to Friday from 8.30 h. to 12.30 h.
  • Tuesday - Thursday from 15.30 h.to 17.30 h.
  • Monday - Wednesday from 15.30 h. to 17.30 h.
    (Just for the Hospital of  Matera)



  • Treat information and communication activities as defined in law 150/2000.
  • Collect and deepen or instruct the proposals,suggestions and complaints verbally or in writing by citizens or voluntary associations to protect and give prompt response to the users.
  • Guarantee citizens,including through voluntary associations and protecting the exercise of rights to information,access and participation by which the Law n.241/90 and subsequent amendments.
  • Facilitate the use of services offered to citizens.
  • Implement,by listening to the citizens and ad hoc surveys, the quality audit processis perceived and satisfaction of services by users ,as well as the the verification standards set by the Service Charter.
  • Ensuring the external communication to citizens,the community and other bodies also through information to the media.
  • Look after Company front-office services (reception, telephone switchboard,information points).


Patients who live in the district of the Healthcare “ ASM ”of Matera that go in for radiotherapy at CROB of Rionero in Vulture,can take advantage of the shuttle-bus service provide by the Healthcare.

The shuttle –bus has a capacity of n.8 seats and it is reserved only to those who are undergoing to the therapy.

For the use of the service there is no need to submit any documentation,simply call to the following  company contacts:


  • Hospital of Matera 

  Ms. Immacolata Grieco  phone 0835/253213

  From 09,00 h.- 13,00 h. from Monday to Friday.


  • Headquarter Montalbano Jonico

  Ms.Concetta Maiellaro phone 0835/596283 

  From 09,00 h.- 13,00 h. from Monday to Friday.


  • District Hospital of Tinchi

  Ms. Francesca Picciani phone 0835/586620 

  From 09,00 h. - 13,00 h. from Monday to Friday.


  • Headquarter ASM

  Dr. Maria Malvasi phone 0835/253616

  Dr. Enrico Basile

  From 09,00 h. - 13,00 h. from Monday to Friday.


How to access:

To report suggestions,malfunctions or complains,you can fill out the attached PDF form to be delivered to the offices of the Public Relations Office at the headquarters of the ASL(ground floor),or send to the following address : U.R.P. ASM - Via Montescaglioso - 75100 Matera.


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