Complex Operative Unit " Management District of Matera " - Azienda Sanitaria locale di Matera

Territorial services | District "Collina Materana-Metapontina" | Complex Operative Unit " Management District of Matera " - Azienda Sanitaria locale di Matera

Complex  Operative Unit "District Collina Materana-Metapontina"


Facility Manager Director Dr. Rocco Pasciucco

1st Floor

 Headquarter Via Montescaglioso - Matera

Telephone 0835/253650



How we are

Role Name and Surname
Director – Medical Director Dr. Rocco Pasciucco
Coord. District Social health - Sociologist Director Dr. Anna Maria Russo
Organizational Position - "Responsible Administrative support for Territorial Administrative and District Activities ASM" Dr. M. Antonietta Petruccelli
Coordinator ASM – Social Worker Dr. Rosangela Perriello
Coordinator "Activities for Prevention and Education to Local and Home Health" Mr. Antonio Staffieri
Collaborator USIB MT Dr. Rosario Pantaleo
Administrative Coaudjutor Ms. Anna Stella Iacovone
Administrative Assistant Ms. Di Chio Teresa



Seat Referent Telephone
Headquarter ASM Dr. Rocco Pasciucco 0835/253650
Headquarter ASM Dr. Anna Maria Russo 0835/253658
Headquarter ASM Dr. Maria Antonietta Petruccelli 0835/253682
Headquarter ASM Dr. Rosangela Perriello 0835/253753
Headquarter ASM Mr. Antonio Staffieri 0835/252617
Headquarter ASM Dr. Rosario Pantaleo 0835/253659
Headquarter ASM Ms. Anna Stella Iacovone 0835/253659
Headquarter ASM Ms. Di Chio Teresa 0835/253632


Opening times of the service:

  • From Monday to Friday  from  8.30 h. to 13.30 h.
  • Tuesday and Thursday from 15.00 h. to 17.00 h.


Health activities:

  • Blood samples ( in the clinic and at home, for particular patients and with request of the MMGG)
  • Vaccinations
  • Surveys vital signs
  • Simple various therapies 
  • Small madications and simple bandages
  • Training and health education to the family, at Care Giver and to the user
  • Support specialist activities
  • Preparation and processing of P.I.T. 
  • Home therapeutic evaluation of the theraupetic trend PZ. in ADI, etc. etc. 


Administrative activities:

  • Medical choice
  • Registration infants and choice and annulament of family doctor
  • Loss, theft or expiry of the Health card 
  • Health Care for non-residents Italians (work-study-health)
  • Registration of EU Citizens  residing or domiciled in Italy
  • Non-EU Citizens with a valid recidence permit
  • Prosthesis and Aids
  • Prosthesis for breathing
  • Treatment Abroad
  • Climatic Treatment
  • Organ transplants in Italy
  • Adapt driving tools
  • Ticket Exemption
  • Healthcare to people with chronic diseases and rare diseases
  • Health Coverage for overseas


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