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Service "Family Counseling"


Service Manager  
Place Via Montescaglioso - c/o ASM Matera
Telephone 0835/253690-663-688-732


Who we are

Role Name and Surname
Medical Director -Gynecologist Dr. Vito Donnola
Obstetrician Coordinator Ms. Anna Venezia
Pediatric Nurse Ms. Rosa Di Pede



Seat Telephone Fax
Via Montescaglioso 0835/253690-663-688 -732 0835/253689-690-732


Registration for:

Seat Telephone
Birth companion Training 0835/253663-690
Meeting on "Nutrition in Pregnancy" 0835/253663-690
Infant Massage Courses 0835/253663


Opening time to the services:

  • From Monday to Friday from 8.00 h to 14.00 h
  • Tuesday and Thursday from 15.00 h  to  18.00 h



  • Information about services
  • Telephone consultations
  • Health education participations  in schools
  • Consultancy preconception
  • Consultancy for  contraception and menopause
  • Welcome and listening for adolescent problems
  • Gynecological obstretic visits*
  • Prevention  female genital cancers (cervical-uterine Screening)
  • Emergency contraception
  • Certifications VIP (Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy) *
  • Ultrasound Scan for VIP *
  • Check up post-VIP *
  • Check up post partum *
  • Home medical examination for breastfeeding support *
  • Theme meetings (feeding pregnant etc.)
  • Birth companion Training
  • Infant Massage Courses and breastfeeding support
  • Social activity of family counseling
  • Health service concerning the law 104 ( handicap) 

 Health services are free, only for those marked with an asterisk, by recervation

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